Following Artists Not Being Retained

Following Artists Not Being Retained







iPhone X, iPad Pro

Operating System

Windows 10, WebPlayer


My Question or Issue

I have added artists using the search facility then selected Following.  However when I go to the artist page it does not show as Following.  When I go to any device - Web Player, Windows 10 Desktop, iPhone X, iPad Pro, the also artist does not show when I carry out a search in the Artists section of Your Library or showing in that section if I scroll down.


Can you tell me why this is happening? 


FYI I have not exceeded the 10,000 limit of albums, artists and songs. 


I have logged out of Windows 10 and Web Player apps and reinstalled apps on iPhone and iPad - all without resolving this issue.


Bit pointless paying for a premium product if the basics don't work.

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I have the same issue. It's not with all the artists I follow, but quite a bit. Seems entirely random. Posting on here didn't get a single response. Customer server chat with spotify basically told me "This seems to be a complaint that we've received before, and I'll expedite it over to our development team so that it gets fixed ASAP." Updates periodically come out, but not sure what any of them are actually updating. I don't notice any major changes, nor has it fixed this problem. 


I can't stand it though. I'm a major music buff and I'm maybe even a bit OCD when it comes to saving these artists so I can access them at anytime. There's far too many to remember, so saving them all is a godsend. Except it doesn't work. It does feel disheartening knowing you're paying for something, and not only doesn't it work the way it should, but you have no idea if and when it ever will. Customer support is so vague and helpless.




Thanks for the reply, good to know (sorry) that I'm not the only one having this issue. 


You may have tried this already but as a workaround of sorts I added songs from those artists that do not appear when I try and follow them.  This then shows the artist listed with the songs added.  It provides a Follow option but even this doesn't work as selecting this and the Follow changing to Following will fail later when searching for the artist.  It will just show the Follow option again and the cycle just keeps on going but at least the "missing" artists do show in the Artists list.


Not ideal but until Spotify get their act together and do something which you would think is a pretty simple issue to resolve, it's the best workaround I can find at present.

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