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Simple Question - I think

Simple Question - I think

On my artist page under "About" I see I have 18 followers. But when I click on my name (Profile) in the top right hand corner, under "Followers", it shows only one person. Is this because the other 17 chose to follow anonymously? If so, how can I follow someone and let them see I have followed them? Thanks, John



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Hey there @grixww-4s6_2v

thanks for posting !


Regarding your question of the amount of followers you see it's best to contact Spotify for Artists through this page and have them answer your questions.


However, the only way letting someone know you've followed them is to actually tell them.

Spotify has no "Notification" feature so you can search your followers list and see who follows you.


Hope this answers you question 😃

Hey OneByBoo Many thanks for your reply! I'm still puzzled though. If there is no way for me to see who is following me, how come when I look under "Followers" I can see one of my followers? When I said it shows one person I didn't mean it shows the figure "1". It actually shows the person's name and their profile picture. It is someone in Germany who I don't know. I followed them back. There must be something he did to turn up under "Followers" in that way, that the other 17 of my followers didn't do. Many thanks for providing the link to the Spotify for Artists page. I'll check their FAQs first, and if that doesn't help I'll submit a query. Thanks again for your reply, John

Hey @grixww-4s6_2v.


Sorry for the confusion - you can indeed see the number of people you are following/being followed by in your profile. However we're not entirely sure about the reason for the discrepancy between the numbers you're seeing.


Let us know if you managed to reach out to Artist support and get an answer - we'd be curious to know 🙂

Hi Peter,


Yes I reached out to Artist support and got the following respose, which cleared up my confusion:


"We've taken a look at the screenshots and it seems you're comparing your followers on your artist profile and on your user account. The single follower shown is from your user account and the 18 followers are those who follow your artist profile. The option to view the artist profile or user account that follows your user account is a feature specific to user accounts."


Thanks for following up.


Best regards,


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