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Skipping tracks continuously

Skipping tracks continuously

Plan: Family as well as free

Country: BE

Devices: (Samsung Galaxy 9 and Windows)

Operating System: (Android and Windows 10)


My Question or Issue

Since today songs keep skipping every second on my Windows 10 laptop.

1) Uninstalled Spotify, deleted AppData stuff, re-installed to no avail.

2) Uninstalled again and installed the Microsoft Store version (, same issue.

3) When app is started on laptop, tracks also keep skipping on my Samsung Galaxy S9 phone. Works fine on my Samsung Galaxy S9 phone after stopping Windows App.

4) Disabled all playback devices on Windows; Keeps spinning without Sound device

5) Tried to create a (Free) account on my Windows laptop. Same issue



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Hi @DanyC,


Here's a potential solution I found from browsing through other threads that you could look at. I have found that some users have had success with this method so hopefully it'll work out for you:

Hope this does the trick,



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