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Skips all songs or calls them all unplayable

Skips all songs or calls them all unplayable

Premium user. Spotify just skips all songs. If I try to play one, it will skip through to the next in the palylist. If I play just one song it shows the "cannot play this song right now" for all songs.


Most likely related to new sound card, since for whatever reason there is no option to change which device spotify tries to play with.


Windows 10. This has happened when installing a new sound card in two different PCs. No other software has any issue playing sound


I have restarted, uninstalled and reinstalled spotify. The last time this happened I had to do an OS reinstall for it to update to the new device. This is an unacceptable solution.

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Additional information: If I play a local file, it will 'play' the file instead of erroring, but no sound will actually be played.

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