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Song Not Available Windows App/ Android

Song Not Available Windows App/ Android

When attempting to play a few different songs by different artists I am getting the message "This song is not available. If you have the file on your computer you can import it." It won't play at all through my android app.

However if I go to Spotify through my browser, I am able to play the song.

I can also download the songs but they still don't play.

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Update: Now the music won't play from the web either. It isn't greyed out like it is unavailable.

You are not alone man. Take a look at these topics.

Look at my playlists ;

This is beyond frustrating. They are making me setup a new account which is not working at all, and sounds like the issue will continue over there!

It's certainly related with latest update. Waiting for the fix but they seem like they don't care as much. Btw here is new issue page:

I think we just need to disturb them until they got the job done.

Look at my playlists ;

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