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Song plays itself during album playback

Song plays itself during album playback







Operating System

Windows 10


I have a track that keeps playing itself when a completely different album. Typically, it starts after the first track of the album has been played.

I have not selected it. The random teack was played but this was weeks ago.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? How was it resolved?

Many thanks.

7 Replies

Hey there @thedude,

thanks for posting in the community !


As a first step please reach you account page online and click "Sign Out Everywhere".


In addition, having issue like this with "uknown" tracks or plays on your account it's recommended using this help page to reset your account password.


Hope this helps 😃

I have followed both suggestions. the track still appeared.

This problem is still occuring. And it is the same track.

Hey there @thedude,


Thanks for the update and sorry the suggestions didn't do the trick.

Another thing you can always do is reaching the artist profile and report it by clicking the 3 dots next to his name and then "Report".


Please use it only if you feel it's spamming your playlists.


Hope this helps 😃

The track inserts itself into both playlists and albums immediately after the first track you want to listen to finishes.


Hey @thedude.


Thanks for your reply.


Can you reinstall the app for a fresh start? Keep in mind that Offline music has to be re-downloaded. 


If that doesn't help, try to search for the album and pick it from the search results, and see if the track appears when playing from there.


Hope that helps 🙂


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