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Songs are both added and not added to library

Songs are both added and not added to library







iPhone 6s

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Windows 10

MacOS Mojave (10.14)


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I have songs that I have added into my library on the desktop previously, and then when searching the song or if it appears in suggested, it shows the song has not been added. For instance, the song Pizza Guy by Touch Sensitive says it was added to my library on 03/16/2019. In all my other playlists I have added the song into, it shows as added to my library. It appeared in one of my daily mixes today (06/05/2019) and said it was neither added nor liked previously. When using the song in my library as a reference, it links me to the same album as the song in my daily mix, so I know this isn't because the songs are added from different versions or as a single or the same song in different albums. In addition, when using the song that was already added in my library, it shows on the album that I never added it.  This happens pretty often across artists, genres, etc, and there is not a correlation between whether it was added on the desktop or the iOS app (this happens regardless if the song was added on the same device the issue is occurring on, or if it is not). This also occurs on my Macbook Pro and iPhone. I know this is a problem with many other people as well. I'm happy to provide more specs 

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Hi there @brof343,


If this is in regard to added songs that are not registering properly, you could try clean reinstallations of the app on the devices you're using Spotify on. Info on clean reinstallations can be found here. If the issue persists, reply to this thread.


Hope this works.



I have performed clean reinstallations across all my devices (Macbook pro, HP laptop, and iPhone 6S) and the problem still persists. None of the songs I used as reference for this issue with were resolved

I imagine this is quite frustrating. At this point I'd advise to get in touch with customer support with your issue. You can reach them via this link:
They should respond after 24-48 hours. Provide them with as much concise detail as possible.

Hope the problem gets resolved.



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