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Playlist filter broken

Playlist filter broken




Operating System

(Two Windows 7 64bit computers and One Windows 10 64bit computer)


My Question or Issue

For quite a while now (about some weeks/a month/several updates) the playlist filter function has been broken. Before when you filtered a playlist, and had shuffle and repeat enabled it would only play songs from the filtered list. This is no longer happening, it will play other songs.

Another bug that I suspect is related is when having the playlist sorted, and you click on the album picture it should jump to that song in the playlist, filtered or not. But now it goes to some "random" song, but it goes to the same one every time you click the picture. But if you remove the sorting it will jump to the correct song.






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Hey @Bugequalfeature, help's arrived. 


The filter issue is already being investigated here, so make sure to add your +vote and comment.


Regarding the second thing you mentioned, can you give us a more specific example? 


Thanks! 🙂


Wrote on the link you posted.

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