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Songs disappearing from playlist

Songs disappearing from playlist





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windows,  android,  ios. 


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 Hello.  some songs disappeared from my playlist (i.e. Come down by Andersoon Paak,  Passin' me by by The  Pharcyde and many more).  They are still avialable on spotify,  as well as saved in My music but somehow disappeared  from playlist. The playlist is over thousand songs of my favourite music so i'm afraid there can be more of disappeared songs,  that i`m not aware of.  I'm confused and worried cause i listen to music only on spotify and feel like loosing some of my music. 

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Hey @kubasulek2.


Thanks for getting in touch.


Could you go to the settings in Spotify. Make sure you can view unavailable songs. This way you will still see songs in your playlists, even when they become unavailable in your region.


Since you mention that the songs are still available however, could it be that another person has access to your account? You can find info what to do here in this situation here. If you are sure that no person has access to your account, try to drag all songs into a new playlist. This can be done easily on a desktop computer. It's possible that this will solve the issue.


Hope that does the trick! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!

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