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Songs from My Library are disappearing

Songs from My Library are disappearing






Various (Google Pixel, Dell XPS 13, Acer Aspire V15 Nitro)

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Various (Android, Win10, Win10)


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For quite some time already I'm experiencing disappearance of some songs that I saved to My Library. For some time, I thought that could have been my mistake and I missclicked some button, but it happened way too many times and I don't tend to make such mistakes. So the scenario is like this: I save some songs from an artist in my Library and have it there for some time. Sometime later, I recall this artist and want to listen to the songs I liked from them, but it's not there. On the artist's page, none (or some) of my ex-saved songs are not having checkmarks indicating the presence in my Library.


While investigating my last such disappearance case, I just found that those songs were still present in the library and playable, however, on the Artist's page the album was replaced with (identically?) same album. I don't know why this album was uploaded again and the former version is hidden, but would it be possible to keep the Library links from the former version to the new one? 

Links to the two identical(?) albums:


Note this paragraph referred to just one case I investigated and the problem may be also somewhere else. 


Note that I use Library extensively, I rely on it more than on playlists. So it's quite important to me. I want to save some stuff to the Library and be certain it's there. I also want to know, if those songs were taken down from Spotify. Or at least to know that I had it saved, but it's not available to play anymore. Also, I don't like having duplicates in my Library, but that is a lesser problem for me. 


The issue is similar to the one posted here:(, but I wasn't able to make a comment there. 


Thank you if someone can look at it. 

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Try that: (maybe that will help for your laptop)

Open your notepad as administrator, then open the "hosts" file in:


Delete all the lines with "spotify" or "fastly" in it, then save, close your notepad.

Now close and re-open Spotify

OR ELSE, Try to log out and log in, and try to uninstall/re-install.

I am facing the same and for me it is really annoying, I have no more than 4k songs downloaded, I am not angry because the data uset to re-download, I am angry because some songs are lost after they disappear and it is not easy to remember that amount of names!


Spotify please be serious with users who listen more than just the popular songs on the charts!

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