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Songs skipping constantly with no keys being pressed

Songs skipping constantly with no keys being pressed






Desktop PC

Operating System

Windows 10 64 Bit Home


 I recently upgraded my pc with a new motherboard, ram and a cpu. But since then my spotofy app skips songs within less than seconds of starting and blitzes through playlist of 24 hours in like 30 seconds, ive tried to follow all steps from other questions of this type, even deleting both flash player and java and reinstalling both.


Throughout the time of it not working my computer has been restarted many times and even unplugged from the outlet.

I have zero ideas on how to fix this anything would be appreciated at this point.


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Hey there @MikeyPlummer,

and thanks for reaching out to the community !


As mentioned by you, a new matherboard was set.

Such action can sometimes interuppt the installation of drivers on your device.

please try and update/remove and reinstall your audio driver as it might solve the issue you're having.


Please Note: If reinstalling the driver doesn't work, then try using the generic audio driver that comes with Windows.


Let me know how you did 😃

Hi thanks for the reply,

Ive uninstalled all audio drivers i had (these where realtek high definition audio, and nvidia high definition audio), i attempted to install the "Windows trusted audio" but it just didnt seem to work and no sound was coming through my headphones at all not just on spotify, so i reintalled both audio drivers i had and im back to the same problem.


on a second note i realised that when i press play on a specific song in a playlist or wherever it appears as a notification to say "spotify cant play this right now. If you have the file on your computer you can import it."


The recent windows update seems to have fixed all of the problems i was having, i dont know why or how it fixed it, it just did lol.

thanks for the help anyway but its now resolved

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