Songs won't play -nothing is "available"

Songs won't play -nothing is "available"

I Have Spotify Premium and on my Mobile everything works perfectly. But on my Desktop any Song (even those which I have downloaded in offline Playlists) just wont play. Tose songs i didn't download are just "not available (theres appears a blue notification at the top of the page) and those in playlist just skip too the next one and next one and next one... -> it does not work.
I've already deinstalled the App and reinstalled it (win10) - still not working.
I'd appreciate your help via personal message.
Thanks ahead.

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Same problem right here. All the the songs are skipping forward and are unavailable. This morning it was working just fine.

I have the same problem. It doesn't even work from web player.


Same issue here.

In the beginning it told me I could play the song(from a playlist I didn't know, an artist I didn't know) if I had stored it locally, that it would be unavailable otherwise. Now it just skips songs entirely. No sound whatsoever.

Phone and other devices work fine, just the windows application won't let me play anything.

yup same problem for me

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