Sorting by duration fails to correctly order songs of smilar length


Sorting by duration fails to correctly order songs of smilar length


  I'm not certain as to whether this problem existed in the previous UI but I am currently using the most recent version of Spotify on Windows 10. When sorting a playlist by duration, songs that are of equivalent length will be shown in the playlist in a different order than the queue. This problem appears to be the result of a difference between the custom order of a playlist and the sorted method. The error is not a rounding error of any sort as the order of the playlist matters just as much as the content.
  For clarification and replications, view this playlist:  Sort the playlist by title, such that "A-Punk" is the top listing; select all the songs (ctrl+a) and copy them to a new playlist; sort this new playlist by duration and play the first song "Grow" with shuffle off. The first eight songs play normally but if you continue to skip through them the order will always be "...8,10,11,9.14,13,12,16, etc."

  Any alteration to the playlist will change the nature of the problem completely. If you remove "A-Punk" the problem will no longer occur. If you add this version of La Vie En Rose: , the new order will begin "1, 3, 2, 4, 6, 5" but the songs that were problematic before now behave perfectly normally. 

The attached images show the differing displayed sort order and the actual queue order.
Edit: I removed the hypertext as these forums automatically embed Spotify links which made the post very to read.

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Re: Sorting by duration fails to correctly order songs of smilar length


Hey @Ronnoc527,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community.


Just tried to re-create what you're reporting and was not able to despite a number of attempts.


Since we're talking about the new Desktop, it's possible that certain things are still getting adjusted. If doing a clean reinstall of the app doesn't do the trick in this case, it'd be great to wait and check how things look over the next days. 


We'll be here if there's anything else we can help with in the meantime!

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