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Sportify doesnt play on desktop app


Sportify doesnt play on desktop app







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 Windows 10


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 After I clicked on a playlist, sportify just wont play any music. It works fine on phone but not on laptop. As you can see on the picture, it showed the singer name but nothing is playing. 



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I have the same issue for a while now, some songs will not play on the desktop version. Android and Playstation 4 have no issues.

I am having the same exact problem. I have deleted and reinstalled Spotify like 5 times now including restarting my computer, deleting files, cleaning my cache and cookies and all that jazz. I've run IT support before so I know what I'm doing. It also deleted my whole library. I did the uninstall and reinstall for a couple weeks now figuring they'd have a patch out by now but this where's my library is a new one. I even did the log out and log back in.

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Right click on shortcut, click run as admin. Fixed it for me. Never had to do this before. App took a massive **bleep** on itself about two weeks ago. Absolutely furious with this since I'm PAYING for this!


Hope this helps someone else.

THIS. Fired up the app and suddenly it was just skipping songs, only to run normal if I run as admin, which is annoying as f***.

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