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Spotify Automatically Adds Every Song I Hear to the Current Playlist

Spotify Automatically Adds Every Song I Hear to the Current Playlist




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I created a large playlist consisting of 300-400 songs. Every time I play this playlist on shuffle, the song I listen to somehow gets re-added to the playlist. It doesn’t get added as a duplicate song though, it removes the song and adds it again. I know this because every time I’m done with my listening session, if I filter the playlist by songs added most recently, I see every single song I just heard. It will say “added 1 hour ago” all the way up to “1 minute ago.” Even though I haven’t added any songs in weeks. This includes songs that were never even in the playlist in the first place. I have queued up some songs outside of the playlist which then end up being added to the playlist which I don’t want. But the BIGGEST and most annoying issue is that because the song is getting “removed” and added back to the playlist, when I listen to it on shuffle I will hear repeat songs over and over and over and over again. Sometimes the same song will play 3 times out of 5 songs. Sometimes it’ll even play back to back. This is incredibly frustrating. Please someone have an answer for me. 

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Same is happening to me. Although listening to other songs from other playlists also adds them to this single playlist. This is hugely problematic as I can't listen to music without ruining my playlist. HELP ME!!!

Hey @collinmccann, help's arrived. 


That sounds odd. Let's try a couple of things:

  • Reinstall the app
  • Remove your offline devices from your account page (you need to re-download your offline music if you have any)
  • Try doing the same thing from the Web Player

After that, let us know how it goes, and give us a more specific example of what's going on. Does it happen only when having Shuffle on? Does it happen with other playlists? 


Keep us posted 🙂


Tested on my phone and this didn't happen.

Resinstalled the App and seems to be working in now.

Looks like this is a desktop glitch and works be reinstalling the app.


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