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Spotify + Blizzard app don't like each other

Spotify + Blizzard app don't like each other

So i noticed when playing Destiny 2 and listening to Spotify that there would be a  high pitch blob sound every few seconds, like a elecktrical ripple of some sorts i thought first. I checked all my hardware, cables, overclock you name it. But what it turns out to be seems software related. 


Spotify always opens when i start my pc. And here it comes: if i then start the blizzard app before playing a song on spotify, even though spotify is started, i get that sound during game play of Destiny 2. So when i hit play on Spotify after the blizzard app is open, and Destiny 2 hasn't even started then i get the problem. It's only when i first let Spotify play a song that i can start Blizzard app and play Destiny 2 without getting issues. Took me forever to figure out, but i can reproduce it like this everytime. Not a huge issue but a strange one non the less. It's when i forget to "follow' the steps that it's annoying, because i have to restart my pc to get rid of it. 


Any tips or ideas?

(blizzard app = app before)


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