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Spotify Connect not working on Onkyo TX-NR414


Spotify Connect not working on Onkyo TX-NR414






Windows 10 PC / Android 11/12 Phones / MacBookPro Early 2011

Operating System

Windows 10 / Android 11/12 / MacOS 10.11


My Question or Issue

We startet a Premium Duo account a couple of weeks ago to use the Spotify Connect feature of our Onkyo TX-NR414 Receiver. For the first few weeks everything worked fine, then all of a sudden it stoped working. We still see the receiver on all our devieces, we can start streaming to it but there is no sound coming out of it. In Spotify the progressbar stops as soon as we connect to the receiver. No matter if we start playing in the app first and then connect to the receiver or if we connect first and then try to start playing.

So far I did a factory reset on the receiver, connected all the devices to a new network with a dumb router to rule out possible networking issues. So far no luck. The receiver had it's last firmware update in 2017, so this cannot be an issue as well.

Do you have any other idea?

This feature is a dealbreaker if it doesn't work!

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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went to my Onkyo ip website and turn DHCP off and put static ip with new DNS

Working with me now.

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Same issue on Onkyo TX-8150…

Same issue on onkyo TX-NR535 

I went to my Onkyo ip website and turn DHCP off and put static ip with new DNS

Working with me now.

Marked as solution

went to my Onkyo ip website and turn DHCP off and put static ip with new DNS

Working with me now.

Hey Mickey_top
I tried different DNS-Servers before and it didn't work. This DNS seems to work. That's quite odd.
My Onkyo was already set to a static ip so I didn't investigate further.
Welp, let's hope this works longer than just a few weeks!
Thanks for the Help anyways!


Still, my TX-8150 won't connect to that DNS. I've tried to set as custom DNS in the router as well...

DNS Server1:
DNS Server2:

Same here with with my Onkyo TX-NR636.

But the DNS "solution" does not work for me.

Is Spotify working on this... very annoying after 3 weeks... still does not work

I got it to work with the DNS. I still had to change the static gateway in the Onkyo.

i have tx nr414. the DNS solution solved the no sound problem. don't forget to change the gateway as well, it should be the same address as your router. if the change cannot be made on onkyo ip webpage, then go to amplifer, setup - network, and enter the address on this tiny screen 🙂

I deactivated DHCP on my Onkyo TX NR 626 and set for both DNS servers. Spotify now works perfectly again.

The 64.225… solution stop working today for me :’(

You don‘t need the DNS workaround any more. Just reset your Onkyo to default and it should work again.

Doesn’t work on my 646 😞

Same problem like months ago before the dns workaround: all connected but no sound

Another factory reset and now seems to work all properly. Thanks rastplatzronny 😉

Hi, I have Onkyo TX-NR555. I checked all solutions I could find online: switching on / off, logging out/in, changing DSN settings, and changing the friendly name. Nothing worked. BUT as soon as I used Google Home app and asked it to play spotify on Onkyo - all of a sudden things started working!!!

This is the solution that worked for me, I hope it helps!!!






Samsung S23/Onkyo TX-NR686

Operating System

Android 13


My Question or Issue

Recently a problem appeared - I can connect from Spotify app to my Onkyo amp but it disconnects after some time (from second up to 2-3 minutes - seems random).  This used to work flawlessly, turning off only after a long time of inactivity. 

I have tried the following:

cleared cache,

reinstalled app, 

turned power use for Spotify to unrestricted, 

uninstalled all battery related apps.


However, the problem persists - please help!



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