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Spotify Connect not working with musiccast (visible but not working)

Spotify Connect not working with musiccast (visible but not working)

EDIT: Fixed. Factory reset of Yamah WXC-50 solved  it. Reset_2.png







PC and Android WITH Yamaha Musiccast WXC-50

Operating System

Windows 10

 My Question or Issue

 Can't connect spotify to my Yamaha Musiccast device. The WXC-50 is visible in the connect-menu, but it stalls on connecting. My setup has never worked flawlessly, but two weeks ago it just stopped working entirely. All devices and apps are up to date.  My hi-fi cast app connects flawlessly to my WXC-50 but spotify does not. 

I've read I need to change from 5ghz to 2.4ghz but that doesn't do a thing and is obviously not the cause as casting is working just not for spotify.


I've read that I can try another spotify account, but since free accounts don't allow casting and there's no free trial, so that's not an option either.


I can cast from spotify on my android phone to my tv-chromcast and back and forth between phone and pc-speakers, so spotify is capable of casting.


Anyone? 😞




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Hey @Mortenbj.


Great to hear you were able to find a solution to this one! 


Happy listening 🙂



I had the exact same problem (visible but playback doesn't work). Hopefully this is not going to happen every now and then.

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