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Spotify Connect stops playing after a few songs

Spotify Connect stops playing after a few songs






Samsung M7 multiroom speakers 

Operating System

Android, Chrome, Windows 7

My Question or Issue

Every since Spotify Connect became available to free users it disconnects after a few songs even though I am a Premium subscriber. I have eight Samsung M7 multiroom speakers which I control from an Android app and also I can control Spotify Connect from the web app on Windows 7 or Chrome OS. It has worked fine for months but a few days ago it began stopping after it plays a few songs. Sometimes it stops in the middle of a song and sometimes it stops after just a few songs in a playlist. Thanks for any advice.


2 Replies

I uninstalled the Spotify app from the Android device and that fixed it. No more disconnects. I run the Samsung Multiroom App on the Android tablet and the Spotify desktop app on an Windows PC with no problems working together on a single network. I am guessing there are not enough standards in the world to stitch together two completely different proprietary apps like that on a single Android device. So, problem solved despite the need for duck tape.

I'm having the same problem with connect on a squeezelite/LMS system stopping after two songs.  Reinstalling the desktop app on my linux computer did not fix the problem.

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