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Spotify Crashes on Start - Windows 10

Spotify Crashes on Start - Windows 10

Version 1.044.100.ga60c0ce1 on Windows 10 64 bit.


Crashes right when program starts.  Shows black screen for a few moments then crashes and disappears from Notification area.  Task Manager shows that it is not running.  Uninstalled and reinstalled various times and restarted my machine.  Problem persists.  I think this version is the problem.  Waiting for an update.  Any recommendations are appreciated.


Web player is working but I prefer desktop.



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Did more digging today.  Found this post, something similar but that solution did not work.


Then played with the options in the Properties (right clicked on Spotify executable) in C:\Users\nnnn\AppData\Roaming\Spotify where nnnn is my user name on my computer.  In the Compatibility tab under Properties changed to Run as Administrator.  That seems to have solved the problem.  

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