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Spotify Crashing, CPU High

Spotify Crashing, CPU High

I've been having this issue for a while now. Probably about 2 months or something (I can't exactly remember). But Spotify has been really pissing me off lately. All I want to do is to listen to music, I don't mind the ads but sometimes my Spotify just stops playing.


My Spotify screws up so much, and it's really pissing me off. Spotify does heaps of different things though, so let me explain a little. 

Let's say I'm listening to one of my playlist, the song could be playing for let’s say 1 minute, then all of a sudden my CPU will explode to 50% and Spotify will just be sitting open, but basically frozen, whist I can go on skype, google, and everything like that. 


Sometimes as soon as I open up Spotify my CPU percentage will explode to 100%. Sometimes I have to close and open Spotify up about 4 times in order for the Spotify to respond to me. Also in the search bar I try to search a song, the screen will just go white, but my CPU percentage won't change or anything. 


Or another instance Spotify will be in the middle of playing a song and then all of a sudden I don't hear my music anymore, I look on my taskbar and nothing is there. I don't get an error code or anything, Spotify is just gone. 


There are a few different variances of these few issues I have with my Spotify but this is the simplest I can put it.


Also I have reinstalled Spotify about 5 times, I have checked to see If I have any programs that don't respond with Spotify, but I don't have any on my computer. I used to be able to listen to Spotify nonstop for hours, but now I can't even listen for 15 minutes before I have to restart Spotify. Also I have a windows 8 laptop, and none of this happens on it.

I am on a Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, with the Version of Spotify.


Cheers B!

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Could you try disabling both "Enable Hardware Acceleration" option in Edit > Preferences and removing all local file sources and see if that makes any difference @user-removed ?

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I did as you said. But everything still happens. So the problem still isn't fixed sadly.

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