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Spotify Desktop for Windows 8.1 won't play to external USB sound card

Spotify Desktop for Windows 8.1 won't play to external USB sound card






ASUS laptop

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Windows 8.1


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I use an external sound card, connected via USB, for all of my audio routing. It works for every program running on my computer--internal sounds, Internet media, various media playing software, Ableton Live and Serato; but Spotify refuses to function with it. Instead, attempting to play anything from Spotify causes the songs to skip in rapid succession, until the playlist/album has reached the final track and then an error banner appears stating that the selected song cannot be played. Setting the default audio output does not correct the issue.

Spotify will still play on my computer's internal speakers, through a headphone jack, and through the Digital Output. It just won't route to the USB. Can anyone offer a solution to this?

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Hey @KingsleyVM 


I would like to know what sample rate you've set the USB device to run at. 🙂
Spotify is known to not work above 192kHz.


Another thing I would recommend checking - do you have all software installed for the USB interface? Search for your model's drivers on the manufacturer's website.

Let me know how you get on!

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It's 4 channels, 16bit, 44.1kHz. Driver is just the standard Microsoft USB Audio driver--fully PnP. Everything is up to date, including the hardware's firmware.

I have discovered a very odd workaround where if I set the default audio output device to the "Realtek Digital Output" device, begin playback on Spotify, and then switch the default device to the USB device, it works for as long as I keep Spotify open. I just can't imagine this is the only way to enable this signal chain.

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