Spotify Enhanced playlists have trouble with Play Everywhere and queue

Spotify Enhanced playlists have trouble with Play Everywhere and queue


My situation is like this:

I have a public Spotify playlist of mine which I am enhancing on my Android phone (OnePlus 9, latest OS update, latest Spotify update). I am playing the music on my Windows 10 desktop (latest Windows update, latest Spotify app via Microsoft Store).

So I hear the sound on the audio box that is connected to my PC.

Whenever I put a song in my queue on my phone, it will play on my desktop and also controlling the volume via my phone works perfectly. But when I tap on a Spotify Enhanced song, something goes wrong with playback (so when I want to currently play a song that is not in my playlist and not in my queue but that Spotify Enhance says would fit there).

First it will skip to the next song in the queue, even if song A (that's currently playing) is not finished, it will skip to song B that is currently in my queue. I first have to listen to that song before it before it will play the Enhance song.

Then I skip that song, and it plays the Spotify Enhance song on my desktop speakers. And when that song is done, it will somehow go back to song B. So kind of half a playback loop. After song B is finished for the second time, it will continue the queue as normal.

Also: the Spotify Enhance song doesn't show up in my Android queue, but it will show song B two times: it says song B is Now Playing and that song B is first one in queue. But only if you skip song B the first time, will it play the Enhance song.


The spotify enhance song does show up in the queue on my desktop, but when I skip the current song (still on my phone) it will show wrong playback on my phone for the Enhance song.

So I tapped the enhance song, it stopped playing the current song and skipped straight to the second song in the queue (song B). Then I skip song B because I want the spotify enhance song to play. If I do this when song B is at minute 1:20, the Enhance song will also start at 1:20 according to my phone. It won't start at the beginning. Only on the desktop it displays the right start time, but on the phone it shows 1:20 and doesn't correct it until I close the player on my spotify android app or go back to my playlist on and reopen the player.

The only way this will work correctly is if you don't add songs to your queue, then tap on an Enhance song and let it play. Then it will snap right to the enhance song and work just fine. Otherwise, not so much.


Then there's another issue with the Spotify Enhance feature that is only on the phone and not on the desktop:

It will show that because I enhanced my spotify playlist, it is 43h14m long. But it is actually 29h44mins as is displayed correctly in the desktop app and looking up the playlist on my sister's phone.

Spotify doesn't add Enhanced songs unless you tap the + button besides the Enhance song. So it would be really weird to say that the playlist is 43h14m long. Because I didn't even add all of the suggested Enhance songs. So why would you say that the playlist almost doubled? That is really confusing and not true.

What is funny at the same time is that when you click the - button to remove a spotify Enhance suggestion, it will decrease the time. But it won't decrease to the correct time of 29h44mins. It will subtract the 4 minutes or so from the 43h14mins.

Only stopping Spotify Enhance will bring the playlist back to its original, actual time.


Another problem with Spotify Enhance if you just enabled it on your playlist: it will put any suggested Enhance song in your queue. So you're just playing your playlist and Spotify will put different Enhance songs in your playlist mixed between existing songs, whether you've added them or not. So even if you haven't pressed the little + button besides an Enhance song in your playlist, it will randomly add it in your queue. And while it's playing there is not feature to still remove it from your playlist permanently. So there is no + button or - button displayed within the Android app or Windows 10 app when it's playing. This is annoying, because you will have to manually search for the Enhance song in the list. And the search feature is turned off, because the playlist has been enhanced.

What normally happens with a song that's currently playing:

If you go to your phone and have the player opened in Spotify, you press on the upper bar. That bar is called 'PLAYING FROM PLAYLIST - Playlist name'.

If you tap on it, it will lead you straight to the location of that particular song in the playlist. So if the song is at position 234 of 318, you won't have to scroll all the way down. It will immediately show the song in its current position with the title displayed in green. In green because it's playing. From there you can delete the song if you don't like it. But this is not possible with spotify enhance songs.

Tapping the upper bar 'PLAYING FROM PLAYLIST - Playlist name' will flicker the screen and return back to the top of the playlist. It will not return you to the position of the song in the playlist. This could be improved.


The final thing is about user-friendliness. For the people that use this feature, it would be nice to be reminded that no Spotify Enhance songs will turn up in your Public playlist if you press 'Enhance'. Only if you click on the + button will it add it to your playlist.

Because the single Enhance button without any warning will make some users fear that spotify is going to change their public playlist randomly and the other people that are following the playlist are going to get very unhappy about it. (In my case 122 other persons). Here, also the incorrect time gives you a **bleep** of a scare the first time. Like with me hahahaha. I was like: 43 hours!!?? Undo! Undo!


Lastly: I really love the feature and it says a lot about how good Spotify is at predicting your taste/ kind of music/ pace of music/ subgenre of music. Even the kinds of instruments as I noticed. I saw that if you enhance the same playlist for a second time, it will suggest somewhat different songs and it gets really good at it. Sometimes it suggests fewer songs than other times (the next time it says 42hours instead of 43hours) but would be nice to know that there's no need to stress about your public playlist. That it's not definitive until you tap '+'.

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