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Spotify Freezes PC After Every Update.

Spotify Freezes PC After Every Update.

I've been using spotify for some time, and the desktop app has given me way too many problems. After every update, when I open the app, my "offline available" playlists are showing up as not-downloaded, even though they're on my pc (checked the storage folder, it was like 18gb). After a few minutes spotify starts using way too much RAM and it doesn't stop until it freezes the pc. Reinstalling works, but it happens again with a new update. Reinstalling forces me to also redownload my playlists, which forces me to download around 20 gb with every update. I'd like to keep my playlists as offline available, so if anyone has any ideas what's causing this, any help is appreciated. My pc is fine, this doesn't happen anywhere else. System is running on 4GB memory, i5 3330.

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