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Spotify Keeps Pausing Randomly

Spotify Keeps Pausing Randomly

First of all really sorry if i wrote something wrong i still learning the language!!!




Country: Living and using in Canada(but the accoun was created in Brazil 2 years ago).


Internet: Telus fiber 300 mb/s download and upload and Telus fiber 150 mb/s download and upload.

Device: Alienware R4, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Google Mini.

Operating System: Windows 10, Android 9, latest google mini version.


My Question or Issue:

So few months ago im having some issues with spotify, since then i read every single post and guide about Troubleshooting, i did every single one Troubleshooting guide that i could find in the spotify community website and in the internet and any of the guides had effect, but i still tried my own ideas since i work with IT i would not stop, so here all is all the steps i did and also the data i could gather from my tests!


First Step:

First thing i did was to check on google to find any problems like mine and found tons of problems like mine or similar so i decided to follow the steps that i found in the links that im going to post in the end of the post!

Following the guides I erase all the spotify information from my devices(including cache and etc...).


Second step:

Installing the spotify in my Alienware R4 with windows 10 and test for 10 minutes, and surprise the result is spotify pausing after the second music.


Third step

Since my computer had the problem without the others devices having the spotify app i repeated the step 1 again to make sure the problem was on my computer, after that i installed on my Samsung galaxy S9 and for my surprise same result but at this time the music stops in a period of 2 or 10 seconds (first music).


Fourth step:

After this i realise it could only be a problem on my network so again i repeat the step 1 and connected my computer to my secondary internet and the result was the same of the step 2, did the same with my S9 and got the same result from step 3, and in the end just to be sure i tried using only my mobile internet on my S9 and got the same result of step 3.


Fifth Step:

Until now nothing i had tested worked and the unique thing i could do now was logout from every device i had and change my password to be sure no one had my account, i used a tool from my work to generate a totally random 12 caracthers password and changed for it, after doing again the steps 1 to 4 i notice that sometimes the spotify took a little much more time to present the bug but nothing more than 1 or 4 musics.


Sixth step:

Now I was kinda sure that the problem was on spotify end but to be sure i did this step i found in one of the post that have almost the same problem than me, the step was: 

I contacted Spotify Support and got the problem solved by following these steps:

- Open Notepad as an administrator (right-click - Open as Administrator).

- Go to File - Open and navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.

- Choose "All Files" instead of "Text Documents" next to the File Name box. You'll see a handful of ...

- When the file is open, you will see a block of text with # in front of each line and might see ent...

- Check for any entries with Spotify in the address. Examples may look like: weblb-wg.gslb.s...

- Save your changes and restart Spotify


Doing all this didnt work in fact when i opened the file with notepad(in admin) and sublime text 3(also in admin) i could find nothing only the usual windows stuff but nothing related to Spotify or any other app or program.


Seventh step: 

After all the things i had i tried to contact spotify on twitter(@spotifycares) to see if they could me, well they still trying to help me but they found this issue:


Got it. We've spotted a duplicate cache here that may be causing your issue. For now, we'd suggest refreshing your offline devices. The duplicate cache happens when syncing gets disrupted. To prevent this, we'd suggest having a stable connection and have the battery charged when downloading your tunes. You can refresh your offline devices on your end by heading here.


Once done, you can then reinstall the app on your devices and resync your tunes. Let us know how it goes /RC

I did this and again nothing worked!


After all this i notice the mobile screen that shows when u press play in another device is poping up and dissappears in the screen way too fast( u still can click if u are fast enough).

Also it cant be my devices because are always up to date and cos before i this problem i had the same devices and internet working in the same account without any problems!

And i still have some doubt if the google mini is having any part in this problem but i couldnt find any other post talking about that!



Im pretty sure i had more links but since im doing this for so long that i cant find all!



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