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Spotify Keeps Skipping Songs

Spotify Keeps Skipping Songs




United States of America


Gygabyte AERO 15

Operating System

Windows 10, 64bit


My Question or Issue

Hello.  Spotify playlists and podcasts keep skipping immediately upon pressing play.  They don't load, and just skip to the next one, and that one doesn't load, etc. It skips songs for a while, and then it stops trying. My computer also doesn't have sound now, which is concerning.

I've tried changing my Windows audio output, uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify, deleting the local files in %appdata% for my Spotify account, and disabled hardware acceleration.  Each of these I've tried at least twice.

Also, my computer itself isn't producing audio for other programs, neither through its speakers, or through headphones.  I don't know if this a related issue, or unrelated.

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Hi there @NullTitle,

thanks for reaching out !


In case your device does not have any output audio at the moment it will be very hard to perform basic steps and see if they change anything.


I would recommend having your audio drivers reinstalled and to make sure you disconnect any Bluetooth devices connected so you'd know there's nothing the may be interrupting your audio.


Keep me posted 🙂

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