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Windows 10 Spotify app not playing music

Windows 10 Spotify app not playing music



The spotify app on my PC (Windows 10) isn't working properly. When I try to play a song it immediately skips to the next song, skipping through about 4 songs per second and never playing any. No songs/playlists etc are working, I am not in offline mode, and I can still search for any songs.

The web player in opera works, and I can use the app to control the web player as long as i am "listening on the web player".

The app also works when I log out and Sign in on a free account which seems strange.


I have tried all sorts of solutions on other threads. I turned off hardware acceleration, changed streaming quality, reinstalled spotify, edited a hosts file, I have tried to change the spp device preferences but spotify doesn't appear there.


I am at a loss for what to try next, although I am sure I have missed something obvious since this all seems so unusual.


I have a premium account



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Same here. On 2 seperate pc's both running windows 10.

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