Spotify Portable for Win 10


Spotify Portable for Win 10



Im running Win10 x64 and wanted to know if Spotify plan on releasing an official portable version? 


My main reason for asking is because the Win version after installing creates many files and folders as one plays different songs in the application. The more you play the more files and folders that are created in %appdata%/Roaming/Spotify AND %appdata%/Local/Spotify. 


The resulting caches become increasingly large and this is a particular issue if you have an SSD drive which of course have a limited number of write cycles before the NAND cells burn out. Reading across the web it seems that the general consensus is that Spotify just like a web browser will burn out your SSD rather quickly due to the many files that are constantly written. 


For this specific reason I use Chrome Portable installed to a mechanical HDD so any files loaded into the cache are stored on this drive not my primary boot NVMe SSD where Win 10 is installed. 


I've seen the suggested work around(s) posted in this community although none address my particular issue of constant caching to the SSD. I have tried installing the Spotify add-on in Chrome but I miss some of the other functionality in the main desktop app and also Chrome is a memory hog. 


Does Spotify plan on releasing a true portable version that is self contained within a single directory, that can be placed on a secondary HDD and does not write to the primary boot drive where Windows is installed? Even if it forgoes some of the system settings such as open on Win start up etc.


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