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Spotify Update Loop. Updates to older version.

Spotify Update Loop. Updates to older version.

Hey everyone,


I'm new here and I have never needed to post because I always find a solution; however, I can't find one now.  This problem is for Spotify for Windows 8.1


Here's the issue:


I start Spotify (Win 8.1), it closes and says it's updating, it finishes updating, and then proceeds to let me do my business.

Problem: This happens every single time I start Spotify; and it got REALLY annoying.


I thought the Spotify team was just making a lot of useless updates to the software instead of leveraging cloud computing to update things within the forms on Spotify, but I discovered what is actually happening.


So tried to check on version numbers while it did these updates.  Spotify is cycling between these updates:


A -

B -
C -

Spotify starts on A, closes, then updates to B.  When I manually close it and start it again, it will attempt to update from B to C.  Instead, Spotify "updates" from B back to A.  So I'm stuck between 1.0.42 and 1.0.33.  It can't update to 1.0.45 and thus I am locked between versions A and B.


Any help on the matter would be terrific. I'd rather not have to reinstall Spotify if needed, because I've had so many problems with this stupid program in the past that I've had to do this at least half a dozen times in the past year. I've been a user for four years now.


Edit: I realize I came off as a bit of a **bleep**, so I just want to say I am overall very happy with Spotify, despite minor annoyances. The pros really outweigh the cons.  Thank you for all that you guys do here.

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Im stuck on, try to update no go!



If I understand correctly you dont want reinstall.
You can try this:

If that doesnt work I suggest you to do a clean installation, reinstall.

Alright, I'll give it a shot and let you know how it goes, thanks.

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