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Spotify Windows Desktop App very slow and lag continuous unsolved issue since 2022

Spotify Windows Desktop App very slow and lag continuous unsolved issue since 2022

I have tried everything, everything. Unless you have a new command prompt entry for me to make, I have tried it.


This is a formal functionality failure report to hand to the devs, not an opportunity to say that I should clean install (which I have done, about 5 times), or edit the hosts file (lol) and then mark this as solved.


Half of my job is troubleshooting software+hardware, I am 99.9% sure this is a Spotify-side issue.


After troubleshooting through all of the suggestions I've found here and elsewhere, I can only vaguely assume that some of my network settings (via windows basic settings, trying on multiple networks, two windows devices), may be hindering Spotify app's ability to communicate every action I take back to the servers, because Spotify is rapidly collecting usage data. This is fine within our agreement, but should not cripple the functionality of the app itself.


I've tried running it in safe mode and still lags. Spotify is clear to run in my firewall and process priority has been elevated and cache cleared and hardware disabled and downloads disabled and etc... 


Web Player works fine, iphone same account works fine.


Premium account, windows 10 (and 11), 32gb ram, i7, 2TB 2 SSDs, 1TB free.

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Hey @ZoneWolf,

Thank you for reaching out to the Community and welcome.

We appreciate all the troubleshooting you've tried so far; it is very helpful to report an issue with the relevant teams. 

However, we need to gather as much info as possible to report it. Taking this into account, would you mind including in your next response the Spotify version you're currently running?

Also, could you confirm if you're using a VPN or not, as it may affect the proper behavior of the app?

Lastly, if you have the desktop version downloaded from our page, we'd recommend uninstalling it and reinstalling the version from the Microsoft Store, and vice versa, to see if it makes any difference.

We'll be on the lookout.

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Windows 11 Desktop

Operating System

Windows 11


My Question or Issue

Spotify Desktop is very laggy. I cannot scrub through a song or play/pause without a 5 second delay between actions with no visual feedback.


I have tried both the Microsoft store application and the Spotify Desktop application. I have cleared my AppData folder and I am not at a loss on what to do. The web based application works fine but the desktop app refuses to be as snappy as the web one.


Any advice?

Since I noticed the ask for a Spotify version - I am on Spotify for Windows (64 bit) . No VPN usage, and tried both versions of the application to no avail.


But this has been happening since at least March 2023 and is not new from many versions ago. Like @ZoneWolf has said, this is likely due to some networking setting that is messing with what Spotify is trying to do but is in the end affecting my playback experience significantly.

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