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Spotify and Flash Pro IDE Issue

Spotify and Flash Pro IDE Issue

This likely effects small minority of people who use Spotify, but I have a rather peculiar (and annoying) bug.


I'm a game developer and we use Flash Pro CS6 to create menus and such. In Flash Pro, their are controls to navigate through the layers of the document. One in particular causes Spotify to rewind/go back a track, but only when spotify is closed and running in the tray. I use this control quite a bit so this is rather annoying. 🙂


Seems to me Flash is dispaching a Window event and Spotify is catching it. I attached an image of the controls in Flash that causes the issue.


EDIT: actually it seems like other things affect Spotify also, as exporting a movie in Flash Pro causes Spotify to skip. 😐



2014-04-01 10_24_11-Views.fla_.png
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