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Spotify causes BSOD (Eats RAM)

Spotify causes BSOD (Eats RAM)

Hello, For the past 3 or 4 months i have had bluescreens 1 - 3 times per day. I have tried all kinds of things that you would try obviously, changeing hardware,drivers,sleepless nights, yaddayadda. And i came up with a top 3 suspects,

(Reason ive started to have issues/noticeing this problem recently, is that ive started Streaming playing games, And it uses up most of my available RAM)

And for the past 3~ days i have not used Spotify (else i always have it on). And things have been workin flawlessly. So today i decided to have only spotify up n runnin for a few hours. It started at about 80mb/ram usage, bout 4 hours later it started flashing and eventutally crashed (peak was about 650-700mb/ram) (as i have turned off hardwareacceleration + done some CMD thingys to prevent spotify from useing too much ram). And now it won't start, So looking up some things here on the community, Other people who also have issues with this. Someone who left his/hers pc/spotify on for a day and came back to a crashwindow, Spotify had stopped working after eating up over 60gb ram).Well doesnt matter if i reinstall it. it will just do the whole cycle all over again. Any legit fix?, So that it won't use more Ram than any other app in the world, Please?   (I have 8gb/ram, Altho the other threads ive found people accepted "turning off hardwareacceleration" as the solution (which only works until it dies then u gotta reinstall it to be able to boot it and repeat the whole process for eternity).


Summary: Spotify uses more ram the longer it is on // (if you have hardwareacceleration turned off, It will just die and stop working until you reinstall it/repeat). // Doesn't matter if you have example 100gb ram. Spotify will eat it all in time. // When Spotify runs out of Ram to eat, It will either start flickering n die, Or cause your system to bluescreen to prevent damage.


Been useing Spotify since Beta, And have never had an issue like this before, Is it a bug in the recent update? Or am i just now realizeing what has been causeing all my computers to get mysterious bluescreens that has remained unidentified since the "beginning of time" (as of now i use other programs that uses more ram than usual, So now Spotify doesnt have such a long time on it to cause a BSOD, now its only a matter of 2 - 4h until it happends(when it runs out of Ram to eat).


Re-opened this issue, As the other posts on this issue has been marked as solved with the "Turn off hardwareacceleration,solution".  Just fix it already.


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A temporary solution that has worked for me for almost a week now. Is to uninstall spotify, Delete the cache, Reinstall spotify, Then turn off exactly everything that has a dot-slider on/off, in settings (incl advanced settings), But have Highquality streaming ON (everything else off).Also do NOT have any local files connected to spotify, And every time u start spotify, turn on "Private session", Then spotify should stay at a low cpu & ram usage the entire time. (Yes, Have Highquality streaming ON. it actually somehow makes spotify use less resources for some weird reason).

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