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Spotify changes songs I've downloaded (local files)

Spotify changes songs I've downloaded (local files)

I've downloaded and paid for live recordings from concerts I've been too. When I import them to Spotify, the song titles and album names are changed. Why? This doesn't happen to every song, just some.

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I'm no expert, but perhaps the files have uncommon characters in the filenames. I've downloaded some songs from artists on youtube that have japanese characters or other special characters, and Spotify couldn't recognize the names. As far as I've noticed, it hasn't changed the files at all; just the names were different.


I have my files stored in Google Drive and Spotify just reads them from a file shortcut on my desktop, if that changes anything. If you're worried about the data being corrupted you could make a backup copy.

Nope, no uncommon characters. I downloaded the songs from Bruce Springsteens webpage, and Spotify reads them from a file on my desktop. All the files are labeled with the album " City, country, date" depending on what concert it was and so on. But when imported some of them suddenly have the "real" album names.. If that makes sense 🙂

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