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Spotify completely died

Spotify completely died







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Windows 10


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Yesterday I reinstalled Spotify for no reason, after I installed it, all my song from my playlist were gone and when I attempted at playing any song nothing worked, the song name would go green and give me the option to pause but nothing was playing, the time thingy at the bottom was stuck at 0 seconds and the picture of the song/album/artist was just black with an outline of a dvd. I tried logging out and back in, reinstalling spotify again, changing all the options in settings, manually deleteing files and even asking spotify nicely. Spotify works fine on my phone and on the webplayer but it's just the app on my PC that decided to stop working, anyone know how to fix this?


TL;DR: Nothing will play, tried everything, how to fix?

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Nwm I fixed it, no need to reply

How did you fix it? I've been getting the same problem.

Hey @NebraskaDashcam,


Thanks for reaching out in the Community! Sorry to hear you're having this issue.


Could you try a clean reisntall with the help of this guide


Let us know what happens after that.

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