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Spotify constantly skips songs without playing

Spotify constantly skips songs without playing






PC, using UMC204HD via USB out to speakers

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Spotify will not play songs and will constantly skip so fast as to not be able to read the titles of the songs. Youtube, Video games and even the spotify web player all work fine, however the spotify desktop app does not work.


I have done the following:

Uninstalled/Reinstalled the Desktop app.

I have uninstalled the base drivers for the device and reinstalled them via plug+play

I have disabled every other sound device on my pc other than this specific one, which is the one I use

I have restarted my PC countless times over the course of this diagnostic process.

I have read countless other support pages, and non of their advice has been helpful/relevant


I'm out of options at this point. I can not/will not use a different audio device. This setup was working yesterday, but today it is not. 


Edit: after another PC restart, the problem seems to have disappeared. Still don't know what caused it or how it fixed itself.

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Hey @Drallig 


This is quite odd...

Have you ensured Windows is fully up to date and anything related to drivers has been updated?

I'd also, just in case, go to Volume Mixer to mute and unmute Spotify, then restart the app.

Does twiddling in the interface's settings (ASIO I assume) change anything?


Do you run a Windows Store version or standalone version of Spotify?


Let me know 🙂

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