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Spotify crashes after logging in

Spotify crashes after logging in






MSI GL63 8RE Laptop

Operating System

Windows 10



So, the issue started about 2 days ago, when I was just on my pc and suddenly the Spotify app closed. Didn’t really think any of it and just tried to start it up again and it opened but closed immediatly after that. No pop up message or anything. I asked if any of my friends had the same issue and they did not. Looked up some info and some people had the same issue and downloading Spotify from Microsoft Store apparently worked for them. So I did that, and it worked fine, for an hour or so.


Then, I guess it didnt like my jam and decided do the same thing and stopped working. Didn’t get it working and tried to fix it today. So far, I’ve tried reinstalling it multiple times with no progress. I’ve tried using a different account and it has the same issue. Spotify works fine on my phone and on ps4. I’ve done clean install multiple times with no progress, updated my graphics card with no progress, updated Windows 10 with no progress, tried that ”Log out on every device” thingy with no progress. The only time it doesn’t crash is when I just stay on the log in screen, but when I enter my account name and password and press log in, it crashes. I’m honestly out of options now. Also, I have looked into Firewall if that was the problem but no. It just doesn’t work. I’ve no idea what the problem is, and don’t really feel like installing Windows 10 again because I’ve a lot of files in my pc and don’t feel like downloading them again.


One other thing is that you know the little arrow on desktop where all the background apps are. Sometimes you can see multiple Spotify apps open there but they dissapear pretty quickly after I’ve opened that.


Also my network comes straight from the wall. I think its called Optical Fiber but I might be wrong on that, so no restarting router. I tried using a WiFi but it has no effect.



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Hey @IaintFred,


Welcome to the Community 🙂 We'll be happy to lend a hand.


We appreciate your time for trying all the troubleshooting steps you mentioned. Just to double-check, when you performed the clean reinstall, did you follow all these steps?


If that didn't help, there are a few other things you can try:

  • While on the login screen - try switching the proxy setting from "auto-detect" to "no proxy".
  • Disable any antivirus or ad-blocking software and turn off VPN, if in use.
  • Remove ALL entries from the hosts file. Head here to find out how.
  • Try accessing the web player before re-attempting to log back in to the desktop client.
  • Run the app as administrator.

Let us know how it goes! We’ll be right here if you still need help.

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