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Spotify crashes when another app uses internet bandwidth

Spotify crashes when another app uses internet bandwidth

[Windows 10 latest, 12bpm down, 1bpm up, ADSL2+ connection]


I have done 2 fresh re-installs and this still happens.  At first it appeared to be random, but now I think I've narrowed it down to times when another app is making a call on the internet bandwidth.  This is not app specific - it happens for Chrome, Edge, WhatsApp and even OneDrive.  


The internet does not drop out (if it does, it is restored quite quickly), and the Spotify icon stays on in the services bar.  The number of icons in the services bar is equal to the number of instances I have started since the first crach.  These icons disappear if I hover on the services bar for a while, and then they start accumulating again as more instances crash.


It seems to me that Spotify doesn't seem to be able to recover if the bandwidth drops lower than a certain measure.  It also doesn't have a recover point and starts where it started in the previous session - that could be up to an hour ago in some instances.


Any thoughts?

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