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Spotify crashing at launch when local files are enabled

Spotify crashing at launch when local files are enabled




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Windows 7 64-bit


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 Ever since the latest update, my Spotify application has been crashing whenever it is first launched after I load Windows from a shut down. It'll load Spotify, then after about a minute I'll get a message saying "Spotify has stopped working". If I load Spotify again, then it's fine for the rest of the time I'm on Windows.


For whatever reason, it is only on the very first load of Spotify that this happens - and even if I set it to not open automatically with Windows and instead run the program manually sometime after Windows has loaded, it will still crash on the first load. It makes no difference if it's minimised, maximised and so on, the same thing happens. I also turned off Hardware Acceleration to see if that helped, but it didn't.


I reinstalled multiple times too, which was fine until it updated, which causes me to believe it's to do with this latest update.


After a lot of troubleshooting, I've found that it doesn't crash if I turn off all my local files in preferences, so it seems to be related to that. Turning them back on will cause the Spotify application to start crashing again when it's first launched on a new Windows session after a full shut down.

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