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Spotify crashing windows 10

Spotify crashing windows 10

Iv recently installed spotify on my windows 10 desktop computer and while in the process of installing it crashed my network, when trying to repair the network connection through windows it crashed my computer, when it restarded back into windows my network card was disabled and would crash after trying to enable it,
i quickly uninstalled spotify and its returned to normal.
This is after getting my computer back from the shop after asuming it was hardware/software problems costing me $200 for them to format and reinstall windows os and the hastle of needing to reinstall all my programs. 

Theo calabrese

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Hello @Theocal


I'm so sorry to hear that 😞


One of the common causes of a problematic internet connection is the Windows Sockets API (Winsock) has been corrupted in the Windows registry. This service provides a communication layer between software that wants to use the internet and the traffic coming from the internet itself. And if there’s any type of problem with it, software cannot access the internet properly. There are many simple tools that can fix the most common internet connection problems. Some of them: Winsock Fix, Connectivity Fixer, Microsoft Fixit.


Also, sometimes this is because of the system has been infected by malware, or after cleaning malware may leave sequels. So, I assure you Spotify was not the cause.


I hope that will help you for future issues.


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