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Spotify desktop app crashes when adding local files

Spotify desktop app crashes when adding local files



As premium spotify user I encounter the issue described above: when adding mp3 files which are stored on my NAS server (appr. 2.700 files), spotify always crashes after a couple of minutes. I recently updated to windows 10 but this could be a coincidence. Anyway, this worked perfectly before.

I already removed the application, ran ccleaner, rebooted and reinstalled the application, but the issue remains the same. So I call for help, anyone?



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Most new problems are occurring because of Windows 10 not interacting well with Spotify. I'm running Windows 8.1 and I don't have any issues with adding local files, at least not to my knowledge.
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I'm having a similar issue on Windows 10 (64bit) when adding local mp3's from my Qnap NAS server; after a couple of minutes the whole pc freezes. 


As playlist importing from Windows Media Player is also broken, I guess the next step is to try importing mp3's via iTunes (which I'll need to install for this purpose alone).

I had the same problem on my Windows 10 system when I set my iTunes top-level music folder as a source in Local Files.  I de-installed and re-installed Spotify a few times and it still hung each time I tried to import my music library.


I finally found a way around it.  I made a complete cloned copy of my iTunes music folder under a different name (because I didn't want to break iTunes).  Then I went into that folder and did a whole lot of cleanup.  I deleted downloaded movies, I deleted the iTunes program folder and I deleted anything that wasn't a folder of music.  So my new music directory just had folders of music files.  No other miscellaneous files that Spotify can't import.


Then in the Local Files preferences, I disabled all sources (iTunes, Downloads, Windows Media Player, and Music Library) and only specified my cleaned up Music folder as a new source.  I didn't want Spotify looking in other places on my computer for music files.


I imported 216 artists and hundreds of folders (over 2900+ songs) and Spotify did not lock up a single time.


So the moral of this story - make sure your Music folder only has files that Spotify can import.


Sailor Guy

I succesfully imported the same folder from the same Qnap NAS to Spotify running on a Mac Mini (macOS 10.12.5) in the same network. No crashing or freezing like with Windows 10.


So it's either a problem with Windows 10 or the Windows version of Spotify.

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