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Spotify desktop app has problems with playback

Spotify desktop app has problems with playback



I am currently on Windows 10 and using the desktop version of Spotify.


Just recently, I find myself having problems with playing any songs, the streaming doesn't seem to work. The progress bar doesn't move and nothing plays. Occasionally if I'm lucky there would be a few seconds of playback until the progress bar stops moving and there is silence again. This is really annoying!


I have tried reinstalling Spotify (3 times, in fact) and even checking my internet settings. Spotify continues to work perfectly on the web player and my smartphone, so I'm guessing it a problem with the app??? Please help! 

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Me too have the exact problem last couple of days. Using window 10 PC.

Yep. Frustrated.

i have the same problem, very frecuently and its very annoying. Any solutions?

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