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Spotify desktop app not filling screen / small gap on Windows 11


Spotify desktop app not filling screen / small gap on Windows 11



Operating System

Windows 11


My Question or Issue

When I maximize Spotify there's a thin gap left over at the bottom which is slightly annoying. You can see it just slightly above the Windows taskbar.



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Hey folks,


Just wanted to inform you that this has been reported to our tech folks. While we're unable to provide any timeline for a fix at this point, it is something we're aware of and will be kept on our radar.


It will most likely be addressed at a later date with a general optimization patch.

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I have same problem. You can see red line easly



Also have same problem




Same here after updating to windows 11, everything was fine on windows 10

Screenshot 2022-01-05 155709.png

Just wondering, how many replies do you guys need to solve it?

Same problem, 2560x1440 on windows 11, it's annoying me enough that I'm no longer keeping spotify on my secondary monitor and now keep it minimized

This problem has persisted for quite some time now. I subscribed to Spotify Premium for over 3 years now but I am considering cancelling my plan once and for all after seeing how the Spotify team has failed to fix this problem after a considerable amount of time.


I had this problem since the first Windows 11 Dev build, and I was hoping that this problem would get fixed eventually, but we are now in 2022 and no fix has been released. I am not even using an "unusual" resolution or graphics driver. I am literally using a 1080x1920 screen with an arguably popular integrated GPU. (Ryzen 5 2500U, Vega 8 iGPU)

I think that the Spotify development team should consider deprecating Electron entirely and use native builds instead. Windows 11's fluent design for UWP is very awesome and I am looking forward for a native release of Spotify.

Same problem, fresh win 11 install (didn't had this problem on the same PC with win 10).
Problem persist on my 2 screens (2560x1440, landscape and portrait) see green line

Any ETA on a fix ?


I have same problem, im using windows 11 for 3 months and its still not fixed sooooo annoying.

I have same problem, im using windows 11 for 3 months and still not fixed soooo annoying.

There is always a small white space/line between the the Spotify player and the Windows 11 taskbar. Please get rid of it.

Same problem on Windows 11. Noticed it for the first time in October-November 2021, around the time I upgraded to an early build of Windows 11. Tested with 2 external 24" 1920x1080p monitors, my laptop's 15" 1920x1080p screen and a 49" 3840x1080p super-ultrawide monitor, same issue with all of them. The bottom of the app can't be grabbed when it's full-screened automatically, and if I try to use windowed mode and just manually stretch the app to the full screen, I can get rid of the gap on the bottom, but then the white/light gray 1px border that comes from having the app in windowed mode is visible on all the other sides of the screen, and sometimes there's even a similar gap on top border of the app 😒


Haven't noticed similar issues with any other programs. Auto-hiding the taskbar seems to make full-screen mode work properly, but not everybody will want to do that just to make Spotify work correctly, so it isn't really a great fix.

Nice, reported in October last year and this still hasn't been fixed.

After months this is still not fixed. And on my new laptop with screen resolution 2560*1600 the problem is the same on Windows 11. Not great that a company with so so much money doesn't fix such annoying issues.






GF65 Thin 10UE Laptop

Operating System

Windows 11


My Question or Issue

Whenever I put the desktop version of Spotify to full screen, there is almost always a thin line just above my taskbar from the page behind. I've had this since updating to Windows 11 in late November, never had any issues with it in Windows 10. I've tried many things including reinstalling Spotify after fully uninstalling it and seeing if anybody has had the same issue as me however, I was unable to find any solutions.What my Spotify looks like when full-screenWhat my Spotify looks like when full-screen

I don't know why Spotify have these community forums for people to post issues to, they never seem to actually fix any of them. I'm also part of another thread that's been going for nearly a year, with MULTIPLE posts added to each day with complaints that the Spotify app no longer updates metadata when connected to a car Bluetooth and stays on the same track unless paused and unpaused to "refresh" it. They just don't bother looking into things.


I also now have this annoying 1-pixel wide gap at the bottom too, after upgrading to Windows 11, on any of my monitors (1920x1080). Didn't have this issue before. Don't have this issue with any other programs on my PC.


It's clearly affecting a lot of people, but will Spotify fix it? I very much doubt it...


I'm also having the same issue. This did NOT happen in Windows 10 on my 27 inch 2560x1440p monitor. Upon upgrading to Windows 11 this issue started occurring. 


Can we get a time frame for this fix? Doesn't seem like a hard fix (especially if you use UWP for the Spotify desktop app) and it's been months.

Spotify Bug.jpg

Having the same problem after updating to the newest version of Spotify today. Already had Windows 11 installed but didn't have this issue in the previous Spotify version.

I have the same issue. What I have noticed is, if you are directed from the web app to the Windows 11 Spotify app, the full screen is properly set. The desktop app has to not be already opened. Only if the desktop app is prompted by the web app, you get proper full screen. This got me thinking, maybe there is an issue with how Windows 11 shortcuts the desktop app.

It's coming up on six months of this issue...

Screenshot 2022-03-14 135436.png

the first pixels are visible 

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