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Spotify desktop "This song is not available"


Spotify desktop "This song is not available"

Since the last update ( Spotify is no longer working, it launches as usual but I can't play any song, it say that the song isn't available and that if I have it on my computer I can import it. For every song.

I tried deleting the cache, removing, uninstall / reinstall but nothing is working, still can't play songs. The desktop app at my home works, the mobile app works and everyone's app around me in my company works.

So I don't really know what to do next, am I the only one in that case ?

(Screenshot included)


Edit : I'm a premium user, paying for something that does not work.


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Ok, I found a link to downgrade Spotify and now it works. Still not the best solution but well.

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I just posted about this in another thread, I am having the same issue.  I am using the desktop client and mine is also version  Almost every song I click on says it is unavailable.


I really hope this gets fixed quickly.  I am a relatively new user of Spotify, I came over when Rdio shut down.  This is the first problem I've had, so I didn't realize until now that there's apparently not a good way to contact Spotify directly.  Kind of irritating, when I am paying for a Premium membership that I am currently unable to use.  I don't want to cancel my membership after everything I went through to migrate my collection over from Rdio, but I'm not going to keep paying for this if I can't play anything.

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Ok, I found a link to downgrade Spotify and now it works. Still not the best solution but well.

Thanks! worked

 I'm having the same problem. Is this legitimately what Spotify wants us to do? Downgrade and avoid their new releases? I'm extremely disappointed that I can't use what I'm paying for. 

I have tried so many different things, and downgrading spotify to an older version is the only thing that got it working for me. thanks

I dont have Spotify Premium but had the same Problem.

I could fix it by disabling "Local Files".

Hope that helps for some more Poeple.

already intalled the old version but sound not out. 

Same here - but when I turned off Hardware Acceleration in the "Advanced Settings" I got sound out.

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