Spotify does not play anymore

Spotify does not play anymore



my Spotify Premium isn't playing any of the Songs I clicked on.
The Song shows up, and directly stops at 00:00.
I've already tried to restart my Windows, reinstalled Spotify and my Flash Player but nothing worked.

What can I do.



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What changed if it used to play? Do you get any error messages when you try to play a track? Can you please provide a ittle more information to help troubleshoot:


What platform and operating system

Spotify client version (help/about) or are you using the web player?

Does this happen with local files or streamed music

Doe the web player work?

Now I got the Error Message "spotify has a problem with your sound card"

I use a Lenovo U310 Windows 8
And spotify plays neither local music nor streamed and the web player works.

If you open Control Panel > Sound do you get any error messages?

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