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Spotify doesn't play on PC, online/offline

Spotify doesn't play on PC, online/offline







HP Zbook

Operating System



Spotify doesn't play on my PC when I'm on my home network at all, neither online nor offline. Everything. everything, else works just fine. Netflix, spotify on iphone. Spotify works on the PC when I'm on my company network. I've checked the firewall and it's allowing spotify. I have re-installed the application on the pc, no luck. It doesn't even work when I download songs at work and try to play them offline at home. 




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With or without VPN doesn't matter either

Hey @kc1435,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


This seems very much like a network issue, related to your home network set up. 


You can try restarting the router or switching to a different channel of WiFi, sometimes this fixes similar issues.


If that doesn't work, check if there are any specific networking ports blocked on the router. You can also contact your ISP and let them know this is happening. Sometimes the block certain ports which is disruptive for services like Spotify.


Keep us posted how you get on with this.

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