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Hacker deleted saved songs

Hacker deleted saved songs






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 My account got hacked a few days ago and the Hacker deleted all of my saved Songs in the Library (not Playlist). Is it possible to recover my Song collection? Is there some sort of back up file or something?

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Hello there,


If what you mean is that the Hacker deleted the songs in your playlist, there is a recover playlist feature on spotify web application which you can use. Simply open up the browser, log in, proceed to account, click on recover playlist and then you can select which playlist to recover.


Hope this helped, if not feel free to reply.


Have a nice day! 🙂

Hey, I don't know if your problem got solved after these years, but if not, here's something you can do: Lately someone logged into my account too and deleted nearly all songs from a playlist I made which has lots of followers. So I asked a Spotify agent in the online support chat, if he was able to reset the playlist some days before I got hacked, so everything would be normal again. And it worked! So if you remember the date you got hacked, ask in the online support chat if they can reset that playlist to a date before you got hacked! I hope this works for you if you haven't found a solution yet! 🙂

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