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Spotify doesn't respond to commands after playing something, but doesn't crash

Spotify doesn't respond to commands after playing something, but doesn't crash






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The program works fine in every tab until you command it to play anything, then, it doesn't respond to any commands, the player either doesn't move out of 0:00 or the thing that you wanted to play doesn't even show up in the player. It is not crashed though, it's as if it is still working, i can click to go to other tabs, but they don't load, the only tab that still has an interface is the one that it was when you pressed the play button unless you click out of it, then it loses the interface and may get an eternal loading buffer. This started out of nowhere in the last week, it was working and then in the next hour it wasn't. It still works in other devices and in the web player. Then, as it would be probably the program's fault, i reinstalled it, but it continued to do that, going offline and online again doesn't solve it either.

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Hi Farathorn,


Just a quick question:


On the PC, are you either going through a work network or a VPN? Otherwise, are you using a proxy server?  It could be that whatever network you're on is blocking traffic on the streaming URLs and not the rest of them.


Does the Web Player work for you on the computer that the Spotify app does not?

I am using no alternative method of conexion, just plain provider internet. And yes, the web player works, but not the installable program.

Hey @Farathorn,


Thanks for reaching back out.


Do you mind trying a clean reinstall of the desktop app by following the relevant steps in this Spotify Answer?


Also, could you confirm you've tried installing both the Spotify website version and the Windows Store version of the app?


If none of the above works, would it be possible to test Spotify on a different network to the one you're currently using?


Thanks - keep us posted!

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