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Error on Windows 10, new install

Error on Windows 10, new install







Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

See log file attached from when Spotify starts.

I've recently updated to Windows 10 1909 and since the Windows update, and a fresh install of Spotify, its stopped working. I've tried both installing from the direct download link on the Spotify site and also through the Microsoft store, a few times, with registry cleans between installs.

Spotify has stopped working; I get error messages saying that I can't play files offline (internet connection is fine and has never been a problem before). When I go to play a playlist, it skips through a bunch of songs and doesn't play them. 

Please help 🙂


3 Replies

Hey @edno99 - help's here!


Thanks for trying to reinstall already - sorry to hear it's still not working.


Do you mind temporarily connecting to a different network from your desktop to see if this changes anything?

If not, can you confirm that this is only happening on this device, or is it happening across all your devices?


Once we have that info, we'll see what we can suggest next.


Thanks - keep us posted!

Hi Peter


Thanks for the response. I've tried it on another wifi network and same problems. Its only on my desktop that I have the issues. Phone, ps4, laptop all fine - it even works fine when going through the web player on the desktop.



Hey @edno99,


Thanks for getting back to us and for confirming those details!


Just to be sure, could we ask you to perform another clean reinstall by following the relevant steps in this Spotify Answer?


Also, out of interest, does logging into another account on your desktop PC change anything for you?

If none of the above works, could you try toggling the 'Enable hardware acceleration' option under Settings > Compatibility on the desktop app?


Thanks - keep us posted!

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