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Spotify error code 4, I've tried everything help please!

Spotify error code 4, I've tried everything help please!






Lenovo, ThinkPad, Yoga 12

Operating System

Windows 8.1


My Question or Issue

I have recently downloaded Spotify, it worked fine, yet now it for some reason says its "offline", and isn't allowing me to play music, browse or do anything even though I have WiFi (error code: 4). I've tried everything listed on the internet - fully reinstalling, changing the "DNS" server, trying different internet connections, trying different proxy settings within the application, excluding it from the Firewall, disabling Firewall, checking if Spotify isnt in offline mode, though when I try to log out and in again, it doesn't let me log back in (error code: 126 and at times, 30). I then have to re-install Spotify or restart the laptop to be able to log in - then it once again displays "error code: 4". My account is not linked to facebook, Spotify works fine in webplayer. Please help 😞

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Hi there @YamiSeif

thanks for reaching out to the community !


I may be missing something but have your tried installing the Microsoft Version of Spotify to see anything changes ?


Waiting on your update 🙂

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