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Spotify.exe and SpotifySetup.exe not opening (no error message)

Spotify.exe and SpotifySetup.exe not opening (no error message)







Operating System

 Windows 10


My Question or Issue

  When I try to open spotify.exe I see the little loading icon on my mouse icon but nothing happens, not even an error message, there is no spotify process that opens nor a spotify process that opens with the PC boot, when I tried to reinstall it I also found out that the installer didn't open and did the same exact thing with the processes and still no error message, I searched around for a solution and found someone saying that it might be because there is a special character in my windows user name, but I refuse to believe that because it would be a extremely amateur from the spotify's development team's part.

 Edit 1: I found out that the problem completely resides on the spotify installer program, I can't open it and when I install spotify using the offline installer, it works until i close it or reboot the pc, after that when i try to open spotify.exe it tries to open SpotifyInstaller, wich can't be opened for some reason. I got all this information just by watching the task manager while trying to open spotify.


Here is what i've already tried to no avail:

  1 - Installing using the offline installer (SpotifyFullSetup.exe): It opens up, installs spotify and it works until I close it or reboot my PC, then it goes back to stage one.

  2 - Doing a clean install using the offline installer: Simply did the same thing as the first try.

  3 - Moved the spotify folder from appdata/roaming to Program Files (x86): Didn't work.

  4 - Moved the normal installer to appdata/local/spotify/update: Didn't work.

  5 - Activated compatibility mode on spotify.exe: Didn't work.

  6 - Tried opening spotifylauncher.exe instead of spotify.exe: Didn't work.

  7 - Tried opening spotifywebhelper.exe process and the tried to open spotify.exe and spotifylauncher.exe: spotifywebhelper.exe process opened but it still didn't work.

  8 - Tried to change the name of my windows user: Found out that if you change you user's name it won't change the user's folder name, also found out that there's no safe way of changing the user's folder name, the only "safe" way is by formatting/reseting my PC.

  9 - Deactivated my firewall and windows defender (I don't have an anti-virus): Didn't work.

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